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Diablo 3 Reaper Of Souls – What We Know For Season 16

Diablo 3 Season 16 is getting ready to kick off soon and there are some surprising changes coming. A few seasons back when most sets were given some huge buffs, it’s surprising to see they are increasing the damage more this coming season.

What Will Season 16 Bring To The Table?

Season Buff

Season 16 is all about the “Ring Of Royal Grandeur” which will be applied to all seasonal characters. The power will not stack if you wear the ring or put it in your cube. However, I for one am excited about this seasonal buff as it will open up a slot for an extra armor piece for all classes. Which will give us some variety and allow us to run some slightly new builds.

Small Change To Primals

Season 16 will also have a guaranteed primal drop on our first completion of a greater rift 70. Most will probably end up with something not needed (at least with my luck), but it will give us those much needed 15 forgotten souls for re-rolling. Blizzard has also changed the color of primal drops to a red beam instead of the usual orange. This will also affect our mini-map as well to a red pentagram icon.

Large Buff To Class Sets

Diablo 3 class sets seem to be getting a 3-6x damage increase! That’s huge! None of the increases are final yet although this is a very exciting change. You can see all the damage buffs on the Diablo 3 patch notes page. “Legacy Of Nightmares” has been buffed from 100% to 500%. I haven’t seen much on this set yet, however it would be nice to hear it has become viable again. It will be interesting to see how far players will be pushing in season 16 Greater Rifts with the damage increases.

Finally, Blizzard has added 5 armory tabs for all classes bringing it up to 10. Greater Rift keystones will now go to our materials tab. It sounds to me we will get a much needed free inventory slot freed up with this small change. However, we were able to place them in our stash so the change wasn’t really necessary in my honest opinion.

The limited rewards for season 16 are:

  • Call to Adventure (Guardian) portrait frame
  • Wings of Lempo
  • Repeated chances to earn Conqueror’s transmogs and stash tabs
  • Haedrig’s Gift set


So there you have it. The Diablo 3 changes may not sound like much, but I really feel that season 16 Greater Rift runs are going to change a lot from this. I’m hoping we can push much higher in our solo runs which should potentially increase the amount of paragon points we earn in season 16.

At this time it’s uncertain, but it is rumored that season 16 starts January 11, 2019. However, some are speculating that season 16 may start before Christmas on December 21st. Hopefully we get to break out our gaming keyboards sooner than later as I’m sure everyone is finishing up on their season 15 run.

How do you feel about the changes coming in season 16? How do you feel about the damage buffs and seasonal Ring Of Royal Grandeur? With the damage buffs, what do you feel the highest Greater Rifts will be at now?

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