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What Is A Scuf Controller & What Does It Do?

It’s quite funny to think that gaming was once a very niche hobby. The esports industry has absolutely ballooned over the last few years, and it seems to be getting bigger every day. By now, they are almost as heavily funded and globally popular as many other, far older sports.

Of course, as an industry grows, so does innovation in the goods and services related to it. Just one example is a Scuf controller.

What Is A Scuf Controller?

It was in 2011 that Duncan Ironmonger, CEO of Scuf Gaming decided that countless aspects of gaming technology were advancing by leaps and bounds every day. The innovation seemed to have come to a bit of a halt when it came to console controllers. A specific shape had been settled on, and the triple-A gaming companies seemed to have decided it needed no improving on. Despite the fact that not only was the gaming population ever growing, but more and more people were doing it professionally.

Thus, Scuf controllers were born. In brief, this company manufacturers controllers for PS4, XBOX One, and PC gaming. They are fully customizable and adjustable to the needs, wants, and playstyles of their users. Scuf controllers have proven tremendously popular among professional gamers. They widely testify that Scuf offers them the edge that they need to thrive in the highly competitive esports scene. In 2015, Microsoft itself recognized Scuf’s prominence in the pro-gaming scene, and made them the official third-party controller company for Xbox.

Scuf controllers are greatly varied and often made to precise, individual specifications. Therefore, they all center on making the gaming experience slicker.

What Does A Scuf Controller Do?what does a scuf controller do

The Scuf Infinity1 for instance is designed for the Xbox One. Like most of their controllers it’s also usable on PC and boasts a set of paddles in the back. These paddles mimic the effects of the controller’s face buttons. Which allows players to access them while keeping their thumbs on the analogue sticks (saving them a few split-seconds). In a fast-paced game like Call of Duty or Fortnite it can be split-seconds that decide the outcome of a match.

There’s also controllers like the Scuf Infinity Pro, designed for Playstation 4 and what does a scuf controller doPC. Controllers such as this combine customization with Scuf’s famous ring and lock system. Which allows players to change between a variety of differently sized and shaped thumbsticks depending on preference and playstyle. There are technical innovations ensuring the product’s integrity using the cable cavity. This ensures that the controller’s USB cable fits snugly and that the USB connection retains its integrity for longer.

The smaller touches, like the Scuf Infinity4PS Pro’s grip, which is made from a similar substance used to improve grip on military equipment is a must have for some. Pro gamers will likely tell you that losing your grasp on your controller during a match can be an absolute disaster. A controller designed to specifically avert such a disaster is a blessing when winning online matches.

Putting it simply, Scuf makes great game controllers. It’s an investment, but purchasing a good gaming mouse or controller can be real game-changers, whether you’re a pro or a hobbyist.